Sonntag, 26. August 2012

Aninite 2012

Hello my lovely readers :3

Yesterday, me and my friend Punkangel visited a convention in Vienna. It was my fisrt time at Aninite and I was impressed how many people were there.

We went there by train again and had the problem that the train we wanted to take was already full. So we had to wait half an hour on the station. We spent the time with talking ^0^

That´s what we looked like :3

The day at the con was great. We met a lot of the other Lolitas, took lots of pictures of cool cosplay, spent a lot of money and had a lot of fun.
Also quite many people took pictures of us. :3

Outfit Rundown:
Wig: bodyline
Headbow: offbrand
Blouse and JSK: taobao
Shoes: secret shop
Bag and Socks: taobao
I bough that Korilakkuma bag on the con.
I love it!
I also bought a bento box and some cute stickers.
Before we went home again we also had the chance to visit a workshop about decoden.
The workshop was by Momoko the owner of the Austrian brand "Sweet Ticket". I love her creations so I was happy to attend her workshop ^0^
I decorated some hairclips.

They are not perfect but I like them.
I also decorated a button but it didn´t turn out well and didn´t survive the way home^^
So that was most likely the last convention I visit this year and I´m already looking forward to the next year :3 And thanks a lot to Punkangel for the nice time. I hope we meet soon again ~
See you next time,
Yaya ~

Freitag, 24. August 2012

How to have a lovely Lolita face

Hello everyone ~

In my opinion, in Lolita fashion, it´s not only important to have a nice outfit, it´s also very important to have a nice looking face.
I want to share some ideas with you on how to have a doll-like face that will fit your doll-like clothes. So let´s start :3

  • Wash your face every day. Not only with water, I recommend to use a cleansing creme that will wash off the invisible dirt on your face.
  • Use moisturizer. That will keep you face from drying out.
  • Fight against your pimples. This is a hard thing. Especially if your younger it´s quite normal to have pimples. Here are some things that could help: eat less chocolate, do not touch your face, use a anti spot pen, live healthy in general.
  • Keep your eyebrows in shape. If you never tweezed your eyebrows before you could ask your hairdresser for help.
  • Shave your face. This might sound like a yoke but some girls do have a beard. That´s nothing to be ashamed for, just shave it away and nobody will notice.
  • Use a face mask more often. You could either mix one yourself or buy one. There are many diffrenet ones excisting for nearly every problem you could have with your skin.
  • Have a make up free day. This will give your skin time to recover. I personally try to have at least one day in a week where I do not wear any make up.
  • Live healthy. I want to make a post about that soon, so look forward to it ~
I hope this was of some help. If you have any further ideas please tell me in the comments!

See you,
Yaya ~

Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Tipps on how to make your clay creations cuter

Hello everyone <3

In this post I want to give you some tipps how you could make your clay creations cuter. I hope this inspires you ^o^

  • Use transparent varnish to make your work shiny
  • Decorate your clay pieces with rhinestones or small pearls ( always do this after the backing because the heat in the oven will melt the rhinestones)
  • Use glitter. To be honest I still didn´t figure out the best way to make Fimo glitter but if you like the look you could use glittery nail polish. Or you buy solid glitter and put it on the Fimo before baking.
  • Wash your hands before working with clay. I don´t know why I didn´t state that earlier but it´s important that you wash your hands before working with Fimo because if you do not the dirt on your hands will mix with the clay. I also recommend to do not use a towel and let your hands air dry.
  • Use pastel colourd clay. Or other colours that you normally see in sweet Lolita.
  • Take real things as your model. For example, if you want to make a lolli look at a picture of a real lolli at first. What do you see? The head of the lolli is big while the stick is thin. Try to get the proportions right.
  • Use molds. I always use molds for making cutlery. This it was molds usually look like:

 You can find molds for nearly everything. Check out etsy if you want to buy some.
  • Draw polka dots on the clay. Acrylic paint should work for that.
  • Details. For example do not only make a clay cake, make a clay cake with strawberries and cream on it.

That´s all I came up with. Just have fun and try different things out!

See you soon,
Yaya <3

Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

50 things a Sweet Lifestyle Lolita needs

Hello everyone ~

Yesterday I remembered that quite a long time ago, I saw this post on I found this post very inspiring and thought, why not doing the same for Sweet Lolita only?

So here is my list about the 50 things every Sweet Lolita needs ~
Please mind that I have written this just for fun and do not even own all this things myself. Sp please don´t take it serious!

  1. a poofy petticoat
  2. a dream dress, either hanging in you closet or one to dream about
  3. a favourite hairstyle to wear with your outfits
  4. a big headeating bow
  5. a bag looking like a plushie
  6. a fashion idol , who always inspires you
  7. a favourite brand to hype about
  8. fake eyelashes for the doll- eyed look
  9. white eyeliner
  10. a wig for the days when your hair isn´t enough ^^
  11. lots of cute jewellery
  12. a photo editing programm to add sparkels to all your pictures
  13. a playlist with songs that remind you on Lolita
  14. a blog to share your knowledge about the fashion
  15. cute sleepwear so that you even look cute when you are sleeping
  16. stickers and rhinestones to decorate your face
  17. a cute nickname
  18. a standart explanation for when people ask what you are wearing
  19. a folder full with your favourite Lolita pics
  20. a room fitting a sweet Lolita
  21. a piece of brand, this can also be a pair of socks or a small bow
  22. an egl account, to buy stuff from the sales comm
  23. a story on how you found that style
  24. a favourite pose for photoshoots
  25. a favourite tea service to use for your daily tea time
  26. a decorated mobile phone, mp3 player, camera...
  27. a comfortable dress to wear at home
  28. a favourite Lolita artwork
  29. lots of cute stationary
  30. basic sewing skills to make yourself some headpieces and other smaller things
  31. a secret place that makes you feel even more Lolita
  32. a favourite baking recipie to impress your friends
  33. a cute diary
  34. a lovley wintercoat and boots
  35. a pair of circel lenses
  36. a favourite sanrio or san- x character
  37. a Lolita friend, online or in real life
  38. a perfume you like to wear with your clothes
  39. a collection of disney movies
  40. lots of plushies
  41. a cute ringtone for your mobile phone
  42. a pair of bloomers
  43. a make- up routine
  44. a copy of the book " Alice adventures in Wonderland"
  45. charms to decorate your mobile phone and your bags
  46. a tumblr blog to look at inspiring pictures all day
  47. a place where you can make daily outfit photos
  48. at least one GLB
  49. a Lolita Scrap Book to fill it with photos of meet- ups and other stuff that inspires you
  50. self confidence to wear that style and be who you are
Well that´s it. If anybody of you is going to write their own list I would love to read it.
See you next time,
Yaya ~

Montag, 13. August 2012

Mini Meet- up in Vienna

Hello everyone. I have been on a meet-up again. It was smaller than the last one with about 15 people. We had a lot of fun (^0^)

Me, Punkangel and her boyfriend went to Vienna by train. When we arrived we had some problems to find the place were the others waited for us, so we were late again. But we just arrived at the right time for taking some photos :3

This was my outfit. I wore a blonde wig for the fisrt time. I´m still not 100% sure if it fits me^^

This was our lovely group. I´m in the back row, right side.

After the photoshoot we went to a museum about music and than into a restaurant. There we spent the rest of the day with chatting :3

A little bonus pic of me and Punkangel glowing in the dark^^

I also got a very funny comment of a man when we walked to the train. He said something like "Are you Barbie Doll?" in a very strange accent.^^ Couldn´t stop laughing after he said that^^

See you soon again <3
Yaya ~

Freitag, 10. August 2012

Being crafty ~

Hello everyone!

I was in the mood of crafting today, so I wanted to show you some things I made ^0^

Here you can see some bracelletes I made. They are super easy to make!

I mad this cookies from "Fuwa Fuwa" clay. I turned the blue one into a ring. My camera is quite bad so you can´t see the writing on them which is saying "cookie".

This stuff is made from Fimo. I want to turn them into brooches. The one on the left is Pinkie Pie from My little Pony and the orange one is Stiches from Animal Crossing. I love these two :3

And last but not least, I decorated the back of my MP3 Player. I think it turned out quite cute ~

That´s all about my crafts. But ther is another thing I wanted to tell you. Dipped in Chocolate is now on tumblr. Check it out if you want:

See you soon again
Yaya ~

Montag, 6. August 2012

Working with Clay- Basics

Hello everyone ^__^

I haven´t told you yet but sometimes I enjoy working with clay. I use it for jewellery making and decorationg. I remember that when I started with using Fimo I hardly knew how to work with it and it didn´t really turn out well.
But now that I´m better at working with clay than back then, I tought it would be nice to make a post about some basics. I hope this will be useful for you ~

Types of Clay

First thing you should know is that there are different kinds of clay. Some are air drying, like the famous "Fuwa Fuwa" clay and some need to be backed in the oven to get hard.

picture found on

Such oven hardening types of clay are called "polymer clay".
I´m using Fimo which is a type of polymer clay. Fimo is available in many diffrent colours. If you are not sure which colours you will need buy your favourite colours at the beginning and then buy another colour everytime you have the money.

picture found on:

Your possibilities with clay are endless. You can turn it into jewellery, miniatures, decoration, little toys, decoration for a dollhouse and more. Just be creative.

Basic Material

Some things you will need when working with clay:
  • A cutter or a knife
  • Needles
  • Tweezers
  • Transparent varnish
The transparent varnish is used to create a nice, shiny surface after the clay is backed. Some people use nail polish for that.

Additional Material

  • Silicone- Many people use silicone to create "whipped cream" on cakes and such. You can put it into a pastery bag and than put it on the backed clay. When using clay I recomend to use newspaper or something as drawsheet so that nothing get´s dirty.
  • Rhinstones, Pearls, Micro Beads, Glitter- these can be used to decorate your work
  • Molds- if you think that  you are not good at working with clay freely you could buy some molds. You can find many good molds on etsy.

Creating Surfaces

With clay it´s possible to create different surfaces.
For a cake surface, for example, you use a needle and pick into the clay.

Just be creative and try new things to create nice surfaces.


A last thing I wanted to mention are canes. Canes are this long, thin things looking like this:

pictur found on:

Many people use them for making fruits like lemons and strawberrys. Making canes isn´t that easy. You could look up some tutorials on youtube if you want to try to make some.

That´s all that comes to my mind right now. If there is still anything you want to now about working with clay, please ask me.
Anyway, the most important thing when working with clay is having fun and trying out diffrent things!

See you,
Yaya ~