Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

Princess Day Inspiration ♥

Hi my cuties 

I think I once said that I want to write a post about Princess Day. But first, what is Princess Day?

I came across this idea on a Hime Gyaru blog some time ago and I think it also became popular in the Lolita scene. In fact it just means that you take a day for yourself and do waht you feel like. I like the idea because taking time for one-self is important. It is a way to improve the love for yourself and loving yourself will give you more self confidence :D

I now that everybody knows what they want to do on their Princess Day themselves but I want to write a little inspiration list on what you could do on such a day. Maybe someone will think it´s usefull ~

Activities you could do are:

  • sleep all day
  • take a long bath
  • go shopping
  • allow yourself to eat too much candy
  • go into a restaurant
  • take a walk
  • enjoy a relaxing massage
  • get a manicure
  • go to the hairdresser
  • wear your favourite clothes
  • stay inside all day
  • have a huge breakfast/dinner..
  • surf on the internet
  • bake, sew, craft
  • don´t do any work
There are surley thousands of other activities you could do. As I said this list is just meant for inspiration. Don´t limit yourself and do what you feel like. And most important, have fun!

Anyway I wanted to thank anybody who is following my blog. I´m happy if people enjoy what I write here :D

See you next time,

Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

5 kawaii- characters you should now ~

Hello cuties 

Here is another post full of cuteness and inspiration~
I want to write about characters form sanrio, san-x and so on. I hope you like it!

#1 Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma

The first caharcter you should know is san-x´ Rilakkuma. He is a cute little bear. Korilak seems to be the japanese word for relaxing and kuma means bear. Next to Rilakkuma there is also a bear called Korilakkuma (ko means small). With them you also often see a little yellow bird called Kiirotori. 
I love these two because I´m really into bears lately and I hope to get my hand on more merchandising of this series 

Anyway, did you know that Korilakkuma is a girl? For me she will forever be male xDD

#2 Cinnamoroll

I really love Cinnamoroll <3 He was invented by Sanrio the company that is also responsible for Hello Kitty.
When I first saw him I actually thought he is a girl^^ But now I´m used to see him as a boy :3
I also thought he was a bunny but actually it´s a puppy! 

#3 Little Twin Stars

Little Twin Stars are to angel like characters. They were very popular in the 1980s. The one with the blue hair is called Kiki the pink one Lala.
I´m quite in love with this two lately and hope to get some more merchandising of them too!

#4 Sentimental Circus

San-x´ Sentimental Circus is a bunch of cute characters. The main chara is a bunny. Others are a lion, three cute birds, a bear, two monkeys and -one that I like very much- a blue elephant. 

I absolutely want such a plushi *-* He is called Mouton 

#5 My Melody

My Melody is a cute rabbit girl always wearing a pink or red hat over her ears. She is from Sanrio like Cinnamoroll. There is also a bunny wearing a black hat. He seems to be called Kuromi.

While looking around for this post I found a list of Sanrio´s characters on wikipedia. Check it out if you like:
Also, do not forget to leave a comment ~

Until next time,
Yaya ~

Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

Linzer Lolita Meet-up

Hello cuties 

As stated before there was a Meet-up taking place in my area last satuarday. For me it was a very special Meet- up because me and lovley Chiyo organized it. It was a smaller Meet but in my opinion it was so much fun <3
Attention this post is picture heavy!

At 2 o´clock pm we met in Linz. First we made a lot of photos. We visited an exhibition which was quite interesting and after that we went to a mongolian restaurant.

That was my outfit, I´m not 100% satisfied with it but it is ok :)

Our group, they are all so lovely 

A random shoot I somehow like it ^o^

 We also made some pics in pairs:

Me and Punkangel . We love to grin xD

Me and Chiyo

Me and Dani. I really love how this picture turned out :o

Me and Jassi

Of course I also took a photo with Amai but it didn´t turn out well :/

It really was a wonderful day for me. I hope I can see all of them soon agian.

Lots of love,

Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

10 cute Shoujo Manga/Anime you should know

Hello cuties 
Actually I wanted to write a post about the Meet- up that took place in my area yesterday but I didn´t get all the pictures yet. So I decided to wait a bit and write about Manga today. So here is my list of 10 Shoujo Manga you should know ~

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is one of the best known Manga all over the world. For the 25th anniversary a new Anime was produced but it´s still not public when it should be aired (that´s what I´ve heared about it). Moreover a new edition of the Manga is available in the bookstores at the moment. I own seven of twelve volumes so far.

The main character of the story is Bunny who is a bit of a crybaby at the beginning. As the story goes on she and some other girls become the Sailor Senshi who defend the world from evil. It´s a dreamy but also exciting story ~

Tokyo Mew Mew

Tokyo Mew Mew was the firts Manga I ever bought and I still somehow love it. The story is about five girls that fuse with animals. With their new power they fight against aliens that want to overtake the world.
The main character is Ichigo, a pink cat girl :3

Shugo Chara

Shougo Chara tells the story of an introvert girl called Amu who wants to change her personality. Over night she gets three Shugo Charas that shall make her wish come true.
What makes this Manga different is that there is now team of girls fighting against evil but still it is a very magical story.

Magic Knight Rayearth

This Manga was released from 1993- 1996 so it´s kinda old. The story is about three girls who travel to another world. There they should try to turn into the so called Magic Knights that should protect this world from perish.
There is an Anime to the series but I really love the Manga because of the drawing style.

Kitchen Princess

Kitchen Princess is quite unknown because there is no Anime to it. I accidently came across it on a webpage and decided to read it.
The story is about a girl called Nijaka who has the absolute sense of taste. To find the boy she loves she switches school however finding him isn´t as easy as she thought.

Creami Mami

Creami Mami was released in 1983. It´s an Anime series and I think there is no Manga to it. To be honest I wasn´t able to watch it yet but I heard and read about it on tumblr quite often. 
Here is a summary of the plot I found on this page:  Creamy Mami is about a young girl, Yuu, who after seeing a spaceship is given the power to use magic for one year. She is also given 2 cats, Poji and Nega, to watch over and guide her. Using her magic powers to transform into the idol Creamy Mami, Yuu must work hard at acting, singing, helping her parents at their crepe shop, fighting aliens and bad guys, going toschool, plus try to get the affections of her childhood friend Toshio.

Card Captor Sakura

Card Captor Sakura is from the same Mangaka team as Magic Knight Rayearth (from CLAMP). Sakura, a ten year old girl, accidently releases the so called Glow Cards. Kero who was supposed to watch over the cards tells Sakura to collect the cards again so that they can not harm anyone.
I remember that when I was young the Anime was on TV and watche it sometimes.

Ojamajo DoReMi

Doremi was my favourite Anime when I was a kid. The story is about three girls (later four, five and than six) that turn into witches. To become full witches they have to pass test that are not that easy for them ~

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne

This series is from the well known Shoujo artist Arina Tanemura. The main character of the story is Marron Kusakabe who fights against demons. 

Fushigi yuugi

Fushigi yuugi is about two girls who travel into another world with the help of a book. In the book the two friends get enemies and a dramatic story beginns.

What I really love about Shoujo Manga is that they are so colorfull~
What do you think about this series? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Yaya ~

Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

New blog design, new blog ideas

Hello cuties 

As you can see I changed the look of my blog. With this new blog design I also want to introduce some new topics I want to write about in the future. In general I don´t want to limit myself on Lolita fashion only but it will still be the main part of this blog.
Besides that I also want to write about:

  • Manga and Anime 
  • Fairy Kei and maybe other cute j-fashion styles
  • DIY stuff
  • my drawings
  • cute things that come to my mind ~

I feel like my blog will stay on the pink and cute side but I also want to write about darker and more toned down things once in a while. I hope i will suceed in this^^
I will continue with posts about meet- ups, things that I have bought and of course lists full of inspiration.

I hope my blog will be even more magic and sparkling in the future  ♥ 


Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

Country Lolita ~

Hello my lovely readers ~

Since summer I´m somehow in love with Country Lolita. Therefore I wanted to write a post about it~

Country Lolita is often stated as a part of Sweet Lolita but I´m of the opinion that it is more a mixture of Sweet and Classic. It is to classy to be Sweet Lolita but also to sweet to be Classic Lolita ^0^

Dresses for Country Lolita mostly feature fruits, flowers or gingham patterns. The most important things for this style however are the straw accesoirs. You can wear straw hats and carry straw baskets with you. Overall it looks like a you dressed up for a picnic or something ~
Lace gloves would also look nice for this style.

Sometimes brands release straw hats but if you dón´t want to wait for those you could also buy them offbrand. You could search etsy and eBay or look at the sales community.

For your legs I recommend to wear lace thights or socks in a single color that match your dress. Shoes can be more towards Sweet Lolita or towards Classic Lolita.

Make up shouldn´t be too much in my opinion. For hairtsyles braids would look good. If your hair islong enough you could also try looped braids. Check out this tutorial on how you can make them.
If you want to wear a wig with your Country Lolita you should pick a natural colors.

Most people accociate County Lolita with spring and summer but with the right accesoire I believe that it can fit in autumn and winter too. Feel free to experiment a bit and never forget to have fun ~

What´s your opinion on this style? How would you make it fit for autumn?
Tell me in the comments <3

See you soon,
Yaya ~

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

October´s LALOAM

Hello everyone ~

My friend Punkangel started something new on her blog and allowed me to use it here too.
It´s called "Lolita At Least Once A Month" or short LALOAM :3
So at least once in a month I will show you one of my Lolita outfits ^0^

Today I felt like dressing up just for myself. That´s what my outfit looked like:

Outfit rundown:
Headbow: Forever 21
Wig: Lockshop
Blouse: Bodyline
Dress: Taobao
Thights and bracellet: Offbrand
And here a closer view of my face:
At the beginning, I wanted to do a more casual outfit as I was at home all day but then I somehow felt like wearing my blond wig again, so it turned out like this^^
I hope you liked it.
See you soon,
Yaya ~

Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012

Apple Inspiration ~

Hello everyapple :D

Since I had to draw some apples for art class I got inspired by these fruits. I think they are super tasty and can be a good motive for an outfit. They also fit into autumn very well. So here is a little apple inspiration post for you ~

Had some ideas and made it into a collage :)
1,  It´s actuall quite hard to find Lolita clothing with apple prints. This skirt by Innocent World features severall fruits and even some apples. It´s called Nicholas Fruit and also avaiable as JSK and OP. You will have to search it second hand though, because it was released in 2009.
2, If you like taking a bath and like the sent of apples this bath bomb is perfect for you. You can find it here:
It´s a german site though ~
3, If you like to watch a show featuring apples you should totally try out "´My little Pony Friendship is Magic". It´s so cute, I love it <3
5, A apple themed JSK by "Metamorphose temps de fille". It´s called Apple JSK and was released back in 2007.
6, If you want to make some apples of clay youtube provides some nice tutorials. Try to search "clay apple" or "apple cane"
7, Anothe piece of jewellery I found on etsy. When I wanted to look for the direct link, I couldn´t find it anymore. I´m sorry :/
8, A transparent apple necklace I found on etsy again.
9, Candied apples. I never tried them but I think they must be delicious. You can search google for some recepies ~
As i said it is very hard to find apple themed Lolita pieces. If you know some I missed please tell me.
Maybe I will do such inspiration posts more often in future. I will see ~
Until next time,

Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

My blog got an award ^^

Hello everyone ~

My friend Punkangel sent me a blog award. I´m going write this post in german as the questions are in german too. If you want it to be translated in english please tell me!

 Hier erst mal die Regeln zum Liebster Award:

1. Erzähl 11 Fakten über dich selbst.
2. Beantworte 11 Fragen vom Awardverleiher.
3. Tagge 11 3 Leute, die weniger als 200 Leser haben.
4. Stelle diesen 3 Leuten ebenfalls 11 Fragen.
5. Zurück taggen ist nicht erlaubt.

Meine 11 Fakten:
  • Mir ist immer eher kalt als heiß.
  • Ich vertrage keinen Koffein.
  • Eigentlich bin ich eine sehr fröhliche Person, aber wenn ich müde bin, neige ich zu melancholischen Gedanken.
  • Ich liebe Plüschtiere.
  • Seit ich klein bin zeichne ich gerne.
  • Ich mags nicht, wenn vor achtzehn Uhr der Fernseher eingeschaltet ist. Keine Ahnung warum^^
  • Ich liebe Reis.
  • Ich hab irgendwie angst vorm Tauchen.
  • Ich bin der Meining das man auf Englisch viel mehr ausdrücken kann als auf Deutsch. Dass ist auch einer der Gründe, warum mein Blog auf Englisch ist.
  • Ich liebe es, dass mein Bett unter einem Fenster steht xD
  • Ich mag My Little Pony <3
Punkangels Fragen:

1.Was ist dein absolutes Lieblingsoutfit?
Eigentlich hab ich keines :)

2.Welchen Film hast du zuletzt im Kino gesehen?
Magic Mike^^

3.Magst du Punkte?
Ja! <3

4.Tee oder Kaffee?
Tee, vor allem Güner Tee.

5.Wo kaufst du am liebsten ein?
Im Internet :P

6.Welchen Smiley benutzt du am meisten?
Ich würde sagen: ^^ ^-^ <3 *-* :3

7.Was war die verrückteste Haarfarbe, die du je hattest?
Ich hatte mal pinke Strähnen. Sonst waren meine Haare eigentlich immer "normal".

8.Was denkst du Über den Glaxy- Style?
Wenn das der Style ist, an den ich denke, find ich ihn toll^^

9.Welche Farbe hat dein lieblings Nagellack?
Rosa <3

10.Klassentreffen? Yay or Nay?
Ich finde, dass sollte man machen, wenn man über 30 ist. Also im Moment nay :3

11.Welche 3 Gegenstände würdest du mit auf eine einsame Insel nehmen?
Mein Handy (in der Hoffnung, dass es dort funktioniert), ein Plüschtier zum knuddeln und und mein AP- Kleid^^

Meine Fragen:
  1. Deine lieblings Süßigkeit?
  2. Hättest du lieber für immer Sommer oder für immer Winter?
  3. Dein lieblings Getränk?
  4. Hast du ein Haustier? Wenn ja, was für eines?
  5. Deine lieblings Farben- Kombination?
  6. Dein lieblings Märchen aus deiner Kindheit?
  7. Scläfst du auf dem Bauch, Rücken oder auf der Seite?
  8. Was machst du am liebsten in deiner Freizeit?
  9. Telefonieren oder SMS schreiben?
  10. Filme oder Serien?
  11. Was war, deiner Meinung nach, der verrückteste Traum den du bisher hattest?

Ich tagge:


See you soon again,
Yaya ~