Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

Japan City Vienna 2013

Hello dolls 

On Saturday Chiyo, Punkangel and me visited a Connvention in Vienna.

I finally go a chance to wear my selfmade flower headband :)
Wig- lockshop
Blouse- offbrand
JSK- bodyline 
Shoes and Tights- offbrand

The Con itself was rather small and boring but we had a lot of fun chatting ^0^

Some of the Viennese Lolis decided to do Kigrumi x Manba Make up.
It suited them all so well *o*

We also did a group shoot for an Austrian facebook page with the topic j- fashion. You can view the page here.

I think I won't visit the Con again but still it was nice to meet everybody again.

See you soon,

Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge- How strangers react to my clothes, and how I react to their reactions

Hello my dolls 

It's Sunday again, so here is the next post of the challenge.

When you walk around the streets in Lolita you get in contact with many strangers. Sometimes they just stare at you, sometimes they will ask you what are doing and chat a little and sometimes they will talk to about you behind your back.

The majority of reactions I get on my style are super positive. People mostly tell me that I look good or ask me what I'm doing and so on ~
My reaction on this reactions are positive too. I try to answer questions as well as I can and always thank them for the compliments.

If people simply stare at me but do not talk to me there are three ways  I react depending on the situation

  • simply ignore it
  • stare back
  • or wave to them and grin ^^ 

If people talk about me behind my back I ignore them totally. I do not mind their opinion on my clothes because this is how I feel well.

In general I like how so many people want to know what I'm doing and talk to me and stuff but very seldom I also think it's annoying. Especially when I'm on my way home from Meet-ups or Cons I'm just too tired to explain everything again and again. In this case I give some short answers and tell them that I'm in a hurry or something alike.

Moreover, many people also want to take a photo with you. If I'm not in a hurry I always allow them to take photos with/off me. 
On Meet-ups we often get photographed without people asking us for permission. In this case we either take photos of the people photographing us or we tell them that they shall ask before next time. 

Most people believe that we are either a group of dancers, actors or models. 
Children always think that we are princesses.
It's also always nice to see that many people heard about the fashion in the media and come up to you to tell you. 

I never had a really bad experience when I was out in Lolita. If you stay friendly and take things with humour others will too.

How do people react to your clothes? Did you have any good/bad experiences you want to share?
Please do so in the comments!

See you,

Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

Lolita goes bad's 1 giveaway

Hello dolls 

My friend Punkangel is holding a giveaway on her blog. View the post here.

This is what you can win. The cupcake is a manicure set and the panda is a cute lip balm. 
To enter the giveaway you have to follow her blog and leave a comment with your email address at the original blog post. 

Good luck ~

Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge- Combining other fashions with Lolita

Hello dolls 

I'm a little late with the challenge post this time. I was so busy I totally forgot about it xD
Well, let's start :)

In my opinion some styles can be mixed with Lolita pretty easy.

This is a quick idea how Lolita can be combined with creepy cute fashion. 
(The tights are a bit too neon maybe^^)

This could be a Lolita - Fairy Kei outfit.

Other styles I could imagine to look good with Lolita would be Mori Girl, Decora and maybe Dolly Kei. 
If you try to combine Lolita with other styles just keep in mind that the silhouette should stay the same :)

What do you think about combining Lolita with other styles?
Tell me in the comments!

See you again,

Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

Lockshop Wig Review

Hello dolls 

Some time ago Punkangel and I decided to order from Lockshop together. At the beginning I only wanted to order two or three wigs but than I ended up with four xD Their designs are just too cute!

Communication and Shipping
Punkangel ordered the wigs but there weren't any problems, so I would give them 5/5 :)

Mermaid in Honey

their stock-photo:

my photo: 

I love this wig!  It's soft and easy to comb. To me the colour seems a little darker in real as on the stock photo, however, I don't mind^^
I need to trim the bang a little though 
I love how it goes with my eyes and compliments my face. 

Pastel Raindrops Bob in blonde x pink

stock photo: 

my photo: 

Compared to the stock photo the wig is a lot fuller than it looks. The colours are light and powder-ish. I like the mixture of blond and pink, however, I believe that the wig doesn't go well with darker clothes (Like I'm wearing in the picture) I shall try it with light coloured clothes next time :)

Dolly Chocolate Cherry

stock photo: 

my photo:

The colour is like shown on the photo. As all lockshop-wigs it is soft. The curls are nice too. ~

Angelic Milk Tea and Royal Brown

stock photo:

my photo:

This wig makes me so happy  I loved split wigs ever since I came to Lolita and this one looks so natural while having two tones. I don't know if the side bangs suit me so maybe I will trim that later. 

As you see, I'm very pleased with all four wigs. I can't wait to try some different hairstyles on them and wearing them with my outfits.
I will surely buy from lockshop again :)

Don't forget to read Punkangels part on the review here.

What do you think about and their wigs?
Tell me in the comments :)

See you,

Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

Liebster Award- I got tagged

Hello dolls

Punkangel tagged me again^^

The rules:
  • State 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 question the blogger who tagged you posed
  • Write down 11 questions you want to ask other bloggers
  • Tag 11 people and link them in your post
  • Make sure you informed the people you tagged
Random facts:
  1. I get depressed if my room isn't tidy.
  2. I don't like the taste of alcohol.
  3. Nearly every movie I ever watched made me cry.
  4.  I prefer letters over emails.
  5. I don't like the new Eevee evolution that everybody seems to love.

         6. My favourite meal is breakfast
         7. I made some Valentines chocolate to give to my friends tomorrow^^
         8. Korilakkuma is my favourite kawaii character
         9. As a child I was blonde.
         10. I'm reading Manga sine I'm 13 years old.
         11.I love tights.

    The 11. questions:

    1. Do you have a favourite series?
    Not really but I like How I Met Your Mother and My little Pony.

    2. How would you describe your clothing style? 

    3. How do you fight stress?
    Sleeping and telling myself that there is no reason to be stressed^^

    4. Circle Lenses - Yay or Nay? 
    I thought I like them but now I would say Nay ~

    5. What's your next destiny for a trip?
    London <3

    6. What make up style would you never use?

    Nothing to dark and scary maybe

    7. Digital or analogue clock?

    8. How was your day? ^-^
    Fine, I had fun in school, finally found time to clean my room and made some chocolate.

    9. Who is your idol?
    Patelbat, Princess Peachie and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

    10. Who is your favourite actor?
    I don't have any ~

    11. What do you think about crosses becoming a trend and losing their meaning as a symbol?
    I don't mind to be honest. I'm also not sure if they really lose their meaning just because they appear in fashion more often...

    My 11 questions for you:

    1. Do you like travelling?
    2. You favourite kind of music?
    3. Tell us a dream you had at night.
    4. Books or movies?
    5. Countryside or city?
    6. How do you deal with hate?
    7. What's your opinion on Valentines day?  
    8. Getting up early or staying up late?
    9. Something you do not like at all?
    10. Do you have a certain talent?
    11. Something you can't live without?
     I tag:
    I think I do not know 11 bloggers so I will tag some of my followers randomly ^^ Hope that's ok with you.
    I know this aren't 11 but so many people I know got already tagged ~

    See you soon again,

    Montag, 11. Februar 2013

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Concert et le week-end a Bruxelles

    Hello dolls 

    As you maybe know I and three friends were in Brussels this weekend. The concerts was great and we had so much fun in general. I have so many lovely pics to share with you so be ready for a spam xD

     Jassi, me, Snii and Duplica.  
    I look kinda derpy xDD

    We arrived at Friday night after an one and an half hour flight. It was my first flight and I have to thank Jassi for guiding me so well during it  :)

    On Saturday we got up early because we wanted to do some sight-seeing. We decided to wear our concert outfits right away, as we weren't sure if we get back to the hotel before it.

    My outfit...

    ...and my face ^0^

    The centre of Brussels is so beautiful. They have lots of interesting shops and you can buy candy everywhere. I also liked the look of most buildings. 

    Our outfits attracted quite some a attention and we got photographed like 1000 times xD

    One of the funniest moments was when these guys all dressed in black came up to us, asking for a photo ^^

    We found out they were on the way to a metal-festival. I actually expected troubles when they walked up to us but they were super nice!

    We also got to know the mum of one of Kyary's background dancer.
    She was such a cutie, showing us a video of her daughter dancing. 

    Snii and I had the same idea for posing xD 

    On the concert itself taking pictures was forbidden. Before the concert started we had the chance to buy some merchandising. I bought stickers and badges :3
    Kyary started punctual. The structure of the concerts was fun. Between the songs she talked with us (sadly in Japanese ^^) and video clips were showed. I was so happy that she sang 'Cherry Bon Bon' as it is one of my favourite song of hers. Of course she also performed her well known songs like `PonPonPon' and 'Tsukematsukeru'  but also songs I didn't know yet.

    The concert was over kinda early and we stayed at the bar and chatted with the people that were still around. After that my feet hurt so hard because I wasn't used to my shoes. So I was happy that we went back to the hotel. 

    On Sunday we had some time before flying back so we visited the 'Atomium' , a famous building in Brussels. 

    and here three additional pics I absolutely want to share with you:

    studying the map is kawaii xD

    me and Snii, her sweet-tooth is incredible *-*

    And another pic of my outfit ~

    For me it was an awesome weekend filled with lots of fun and new experiences. I hope we can go on holiday like this again someday ^0^

    And I'm not sorry that this post is so long and picture heavy. 

    That's it.
    See you again!

    Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

    Lolita 52 Challenge- Lolitas I would love to meet

    Hello dolls 

    I'm posting the challenge today as I won't be at home on Sunday. Me and three other girls will travel to Brussels to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu live! I'm so excited already.!
    Stay tuned for my blog post about it next week :D

    But now back to the topic-Lolitas I would love to meet. Most Lolitas I want to meet are famous on tumblr. I would be so happy if I would meet at least on of them in real life :D

    Princess Peachie

    I imagine a meet with her to be total fun, as I just love Peachie's humour. 

    Lovely Lor

    Another humours Lolita..sadly she lives soo far away ~


    I don't know if she counts as Lolita. She hardly wears the fashion anymore. Still I would love to meet her. 


    It seems like Mio isn't into pastel fashion that much anymore but I still dream of meeting her someday^^

    Princess Porcelain

    Victoria Suzanne

    Actually, I'm happy about every Lolita I meet as I like to get to know people who share the interest for the fashion. Are there Lolitas you would like to meet? Tell me in the comments!

    See you again,

    Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

    Showing my creepy side

    Hello dolls 

    Interesting tittle, right?^^
    In today's post I will do something I didn't do before...I will show you one of my drawings.

    What kept me from posting my artwork here before? The main reason is that I fall out of love with my drawings pretty easy.^^

    Normally, I don't draw creepy stuff like this but I felt like it lately. I got inspired for this by different sources like creepy-cute fashion but also Alice in Wonderland. The eyeballs are taken from one of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's outfit. The bloody roses are inspired by 'pastelbat's' jewellery.

    I hope I can show you some of my art soon again.
    Until next time, 

    Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

    Lolita 52 Challenge- 5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style

    Hello dolls 

    Did you miss me this week? I'm sorry I couldn't update more but school is quite stressful at the moment.

    So which keywords would fit my style? I came to this 5 words:

    #1 cute
    My closet is nearly entirely filled with Sweet Lolita pieces.

    #2 strawberry
    If you looked through the pictures of my closet post you surely noticed that nearly all my dresses feature strawberries. (that's why I keep matching my outfits with red^^)

    #3 roses
    I don't have any dresses with rose prints yet but I'm really in love with roses lately *-*

    #4 pastel-rainbow
    Because I love pastels ;)

    #5 tights
    I don't like the look of my knees so I either wear tights or thigh highs with my outfits lately.

    Well do you have other suggestions how I could describe my style with only one word? Or which words would fit your style? Tell me in the comments!

    See you soon,