Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013

Short hiatus announcement

Hello dolls 

I sadly have to announce that I can't be active on my blog for the next few weeks. I'm doing my final exams soon and studying for them takes all my time and creativity. It will all be over on the 19th of June and I hope I can be active soon again!

Until then, 
have a good time!

Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Daisy hairpiece tutorial

Hello dolls 

With this post it is official, I'm addicted to flowery headaccesoires!
This time I will show you how to make this:

It's super easy and only takes a few minutes.

You will need:

Flowers of your choice
Pearls of your choice
Satin ribbon of your choice

Step #1 (optional): Arrange the flowers and the pearls on the ribbon to check how it will look. I did this because I tried out different colours of pearls. For me it looked best with the green ones.

Step #2: Using a hat glue gun attach one piece after the other

Take your time and be careful with the hot glue gun :)

And you are done :)
I especially love how this looks with a bun:

I hope you enjoyed this easy and quick tutorial :)
If you decide to make your own send me a picture!

Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

~ Kawaii Backpacks ~

Hello dolls 

Today I want to share my latest love when it comes to bags -backpacks!

I know what you think, "how can something like a backpack be cute?" And let me tell you, there are tons of cute backpacks out there.

I bought my backpack at claire's. It's yellow and has roses printed on. I bought it during a sale, so it isn't in the onlineshop anymore. However, this striped one is also quite lovely. 

I found these cuties on Click 'source' to visit the site where they can be bought. 

This one seems to be from an ebay shop. Again click 'source' to visit the shop. 

Advantages of backpacks compared to bags is that they offer more space and are healthier for your back when you carry them around. 
You can find a lovely backpack in jewellery and bag shops or on the Internet. Try to find them on pages like taobao or ebay. 

What's your opinion about backpacks?
Leave a comment to tell me 

See ya,

Freitag, 17. Mai 2013

♡ Crafternoon with Punkangel ♡

Hello dolls 

Today Punkangel and me held a Crafternoon again. (I blogged about the last one here) This time we met at her house. She served some delicious cupcakes! I think I ate way too many xD

We decided to wear Casual Lolita. I stayed at the very casual site with only a very small petticoat because I had to go to school before.

Me chillin' in the grass ~

I crafted a rose headband again. I showed you how to make them in this post. 

I also made a birthday card but I didn't take photos of it. 
(I hope to make a tutorial on how to create selfmade cards soon) 

We had a fun day and I hope we can have a Crafternoon soon again 
See you next time,

Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

My tights Wishlist

Hello dolls 

Some time ago I joined, a site where one can save products to a wishlist. The great advantage of the site is that every product is linked with the source where it can be bought.

I saved a lot of cute tights, I hope to buy one day, to my wishlist.

pictures from various sources found on
The credit goes to the owner!

I always prefer pale tights, as my whole wardrobe is rather pale. 
The only dark colour in my wardrobe is chocolate brown. ^^

I'm sorry I didn't post more this week. My inspiration is a bit low at the moment. 
But normally that doesn't last long. So look forward to the next post!

Until then,
have a good time,

Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

Instagram photo-diary of the month: April

Hello dolls 

I thought it was time that to start to follow this blog trend.
In case you do not yet follow me on instagram my username is yaya_loves_sweets. I'm happy about every follower and every comment they might leave so don't be shy :>

The collar of one of my favourite dresses.

Ice cream shop in Vienna.

Macaroons I bought in Vienna. 

Cherry-blossom-tree in my area. 
I love to take photos of it every year.

A Fairy Kei inspired outfit I wore to school.

And a bun. As stated before I love, love, love buns lately!

I don't know if anybody of you noticed but my blog wasn't available last day. It got hijacked or something D: Luckily I was able to fix it. I just hope it won't happen again. Wasn't such a good experience ~

I'm sorry that i couldn't post any LALOAM this month. I'm quite busy with my final exams lately.

See you,

Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

Dipped in Inspiration #3

Hello dolls 

I decided to give the inspiration series of my blog a new name that matches the blogtitle better. So it's now officially called Dipped in Inspiration. (I wonder why I didn't think about that before but well)

The last few days I spent most of my time with maths with browsing for Ulzzang pictures.
Ulzzang is a Korean word and means "best face" or "good looking" or so ~

Here are my favourites:

A friend of mine said Ulzzangs look like 12 years old children xD 
I still think it's cute :3

I love buns so much lately <3

The Ulzzang fashion for girls is very feminine. It's a perfect cute- everyday- fashion.

of course boys can also be Ulzzang ~

If you want to be an Ulzzang yourself here are some tips based on what I know so far:

- Your face is most important for this look. It has to be flawless and evenly. BB cream is your friend.
- Female Ulzzangs have super long hair (I suppose a lot of them wear natural looking wigs). Buns and other easy hairstyles are also common. Use small fabric bows as accessory.
- Your lips should be pink or red. Gradient Lips are popular. I talked about them here
- Circle Lenses are common. Fake lashes shouldn't be too long. Many make-up tutorials on this style are available on youtube. 
- The fashion reminds on a mixture of Gyaru and Otome. Look for it in local stores (forever 21 especially) or on taobao. 
- If you take pictures of you Ulzzang coords choose a bright background. Edit with Photoshop or similar softwares if needed.
- Have fun!

Do you like Ulzzang? Or do you think it's too childish or unnatural?
Tell me in the comments!

Chu chu,