Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

Instagram photo diary of the month: May&June

Due to my hiatus I missed to share my Instagram uploads in May. So I will share pictures of both months in this post.

On a lovely spring day in May I blew some bubbles.

I doodled some of my Lolita outfits.

Me and my friends had matching Smoothies in Shoujo colours :D

Since I joined Instagram I started to collect pics of my shoes^^

And last but not least my new bag. Normally I don't buy replicas anymore but this time I couldn't resist. The cookie shape is just too cute <3 

Anyway, did you guys notice that it's now possible to upload videos on Instagram? My mobile phone can't display them, so I will stay with sharing pics ^^

Have a nice day,

Montag, 24. Juni 2013

A visit to the Linzer Fleemarket // LALOAM of June

On Saturday Medoly, Yukii and me went to the Fleemarket here in Linz. Rather spontaneously we decided to wear Lolita.

This was my outfit:
Sorry for the dark pics :/

I did a simple Country-Sweet coord ~
Hat: C&A
Blouse and JSK: White Moon//Taobao
Ankle Socks:
Shoes: an*tai*na 

And this our little group:

Medoly and Yukii started a youtube channel lately. You can view it here. :3

The people at the fleemarket really loved us. At every stand we visited we got nice compliments and people were very interested in what we are wearing and so on ~  We also got some things for free. A man gave us free earrings and the bunny toy in the pic above was a present from a nice lady. 
So sweet <3 

It was a great day and I really enjoyed wearing Lolita again after this break.
Do you like going to the fleemarket?

See you,

Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

A healthy Lolita lifestyle

Hello chocolate- lovers 

Somewhere deep down in my blog in this post I promise to do a post on how to live healthy. I remember I was inspired by this tumblr blog back then and wanted to do something similar.
I'm maybe not an expert when it comes to living healthy, as I am a big sweet-tooth, but I promised to write this and so I will do now :)

First I want to say that eating healthy doesn't mean to eat nothing. Eating nothing is actually quite unhealthy.
A good diet is well-balanced, full of healthy food prepared in your own kitchen <3
I also want to state that living healthy doesn't mean you are not allowed to eat anything unhealthy ever again. Eating a cake or something once in a while is perfectly fine!

Which food is good for you depends on multiple factors. Your profession, your genes, your name only a few. However there are of course a few guidelines on what is healthy in general, like avoid too much sugar, salt, fat..
It's also very important how you present your food. Especially as a Lolita I like my food to look nice and cute. I recommend bento boxes, molds and cute tableware <3

The right food isn't the only key to a healthy lifestyle. Drinking also has major role. Water and tea, especially green tea, are your best friends.
And of course a healthy life also encompasses exercising and sports. In this post I mentioned some sports a Lolita might like.

Remember that every step you are doing in the direction of living healthy is for yourself. I try to live healthy myself and it always makes me feel beautiful and gives me energy <3
If you want to do further researches on what is healthy and what not google is your friend.
I hope this post was a little useful for you.

Do you have any health tips?
Share them in the comments!

Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

Dipped in Chocolate is back

Hello my lovely dolls 

I passed my final exams   I'm so happy that all the studying is over and I finally can come back to blogging. I plan to catch up with some blog promises I gave you and never kept in the next few posts. I also look forward to many Conventions and Meet ups during summer so expect blog-posts about these.

For today I only want to tell you that I updated this post on my an*tai*na shoe order. Please read it! I will be back with a proper post soon :)

Have a nice day,