Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Collar details - 7 ways to decorate your favourite blouse

Lately I ordered quite a bunch of blouses from an online secondhand market. I didn't receive all of them yet but when I do I want to share them with you. Until then have this post in which I want to show you the possibilities of adding accessories to your blouse's collar.

My first completely selfmade GIF. Yay ^0^

#1 Rose
Simple fake rose I glued on a pin.

#2 Bow
I sewed this one myself. I will upload a tutorial eventually :)

#3 Cameo
Bought on a local Christmas-Market last year. I love cameos for their elegant touch 

#4 Pearls
Put pearls on a thread and pin the ends under the collar to get this effect.

#5 Ribbon Bow
Take a ribbon, tie a bow and pin it on.

#6 Necklace
I actually had a hard time finding a necklace with the right length :/

#7 Chain
I made this myself from broken jewelry. If you don't have the materials you can also buy one ^^

I hope you liked this post.
I had fun making it 

Also, thanks to you who participated in my survey. It's great to see that there is no kind of post that bored you ^^ I didn't know reviews are so popular (I know that nearly anybody likes tutorials but reviews??) so I will post one whenever I have the chance to do so :)

Thanks for sticking with my blog,


  1. #6 find ich voll schön*-* es is immer so schwer, bei blusen/ketten die passende länge zu finden. meistens sind sie zu kurz </3

    1. ja total. Oder sie sind eben viel zu lang. Eindeutig eine Marktlücke!

  2. I really like option number 4. It's so simple, yet elegant. :)